Experience Strategist

Normal Can Never Be Amazing

Normal is average.

Average is boring.

Most importantly, average is forgettable.

I am not normal.

I am a successful entrepreneur who has a passion for creating big ideas, getting people excited about them. Doing them. Repeat.


The Event is Dead

The event as you know it is dead.

Traditional events are steeped in tradition like the post office, set in their ways, a transactional system following age old processes of getting you in, getting you out, and something usually happens in between.  Nobody gets excited anymore when they have to attend one, it’s an obligatory responsibility to your company and you do it, expecting nothing out of it, and you succeed in getting just what you expected, nothing.

What if there was a better way? What if there was a strategic framework that blends science, psychology, environment and pioneering practices to create a true authentic experience?


360-Degree Participation Is King

What if there was a proven model that creates a fluid framework of engagement, intellectual stimulation and authentic dialogue?