Experience Strategist

A Different Approach to the Event.

on Aug 12, 2013

When I mention that the event is dead, I really mean it. Gone. Finished. Current events, especially the trade industries, associations, and corporate one historically have looked at the event as s specific problem, a logistics issue.  The classic business mind is hell bent on making the event  the most efficient setup, installation, getting people there, in and out so that there is no thought whatsoever to the rest of the variables, like the people, interactions, engagements, dialogue, IDEAS.

I would like to present new approach to the typical event, one that treats logistics as a by product of everything else, that may even take a back seat to building attendee dialogue and connections. One that flips the event space on its head, and looks at it from inside out.

To learn more about this framework, please go to www.experientialfuse.com.