Experience Strategist


on Aug 10, 2013

The hardwired  social human being has seen a massive shift over the last decade, while we are still social animals, the shift has moved us from in-person social interactions to physically removed interactions. The downside of this shift is that through technology, the social interactions are easy to disguise the true meaning of the interaction. technology made us difficult to truly understand the message.  There is  shift back towards person to person interactions, but unfortunately, people just don’t know how to accomplish this.

Eat.Think.Drink. is a unique model designed to make these personal connections happen.  A new way of looking at how we eat, think, and drink resulted in a new approach. Think of it as a dinner party on mental steroids. The concept has been refined and is a proven way for small groups to have an enjoyable meal, while participating in true authentic dialogue.

For further information on this concept please click to be taken to the Eat.Think.Drink. website.background_etd